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Meet The JET Team


Keisha Lewis

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"I'm not the average travel agent"

Keisha has been a Travel Agent (consultant) for 12 years. She services clients across the United States, planning work and leisure travel worldwide. Over the past 12 years working with her clients, she realized she’s not the average Travel Agent. Being a travel agent is her passion and absolutely love planning for her clients, as well as walking them through the entire process up to the day of travel. Keisha has planned travel for over 1,000 clients since becoming a Travel Agent.


Travian Lewis

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Johnee Lewis

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"Traveling is one of my favorite forms of self-care"

My name is Johnee Lewis. I am a recent graduate from Virginia State University with my Masters in Clinical Psychology. As a mental health advocate I talk a lot about regular self-care to influence good mental health. Self-care can be a variety of things and it varies from person to person. As mentioned earlier, traveling can be self-care. Traveling is a great opportunity to get away from our daily surroundings and embrace new experiences. As a travel agent my goal is to help people of all walks of life, on any budget, participate in self-care through traveling.

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